Full Moon Sail and Raft-Up


  • Please use this is you plan to take your own boat to the raft-up, so that we have an idea of how many boats will be involved
  • Please register for this type if you do not own a boat, or you would like to ride along on someone else's boat. We'll do our best to set you up with a host boat for the party.

Registration is closed

Summer traffic is disappearing, the days and nights are beginning to cool, and the moon will be full. It sounds like the makings of a Full Moon Sail and Raft Up!

We'll depart the docks on Friday, September 9th around 6pm, sail a bit, and raft up with other boats at a place to-be-determined. The actual raft-up will begin at 7pm. Hail Dutchess on VHF channel 72 to join the group.

Bring a dish and drinks to share, as we'll eat and have drinks on the water during the raft-up.

If you're a boat owner please register as an owner and indicate if you are willing to take any 'Crew'/'Associate' (non-boat owning) members along with you. Also please make sure you have working running and nav lights, anchor light, and are comfortable with getting around in the dark -- especially if you plan to stay out late!

Note that some boats like to anchor and camp out overnight after the raft-up, if you plan to do this then please don't take any extra people on your boat unless you (and they) are okay with camping out on your boat!

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